About Us

About Us

Solpower Green Private Limited was incorporated in the year 2010 with the intention of providing solutions for clean & green energy. We are a leading Solar Trackers Company with a Main office in Mumbai, India with affiliate office in Tempe, AZ, Canada & USA.

We have a Strong leadership team which is committed & experienced in solar projects w.r.t. technology& project management.

Our Strategic partnership with Occidental Energy Solutions, AZ, Canada & USA gives us an upper hand when it comes to Design & Technology.

We have successfully executed various Rooftop, Solar Water Pumping & Utility level projects across the globe.

Design Philosophy

We designed our trackers with the expectation that we would install them, operate them and service them for a lifetime. With that in mind, our economic objectives were lowest total installed cost up front, and lowest lifecycle-cost-of- ownership for the entire project. This focus can summed in four word: simple, durable, reliable, maintainable. Our proof: 10+ years of continuous, reliable service with the same fundamental design. Let us explain how this makes your life better, reduces your worries, and improves the returns on your project investment.

Where we differ

Unique in solar trackers, we have maintained continuity of leadership and design team for more than 10years. This has enabled steady design improvement of increased reliability and state of the art feature set, while reducing material cost and simplifying installation.

Meat Our team

Our team had technical sophistication enabling execution the largest variety of tracking projects by any tracker company currently with offering in utility PV space